Silly rules still rule!

When are newspapers going to keep up with the times?

This is the 21st century, but still many newspapers stick to very old rules about photographs.

Take for example, The Australian, this morning.

Reporting on the arrest of an Australian man in Kentucky, USA, over a bomb hoax in Sydney several weeks ago, the paper used a picture of him being led handcuffed, presumably to a waiting police car.

His photo had a black strip plastered over his eyes, presumably to hide his identity since the case is still before the courts. But strangely, the story had his full name and even some details about his movements. Here it is:


I find this to be a very strange rule because across town, the Sydney Morning Herald carried a picture of him without masking his face! Here it is:


But in today’s interconnected world, newspaper readers can read about him in other newspapers, such as the The Sun in the UK, several thousand kilometres away. ┬áHere it is:


I am sure if you are determined enough, you will find his photo in many other newspapers. Makes The Australian look a bit silly, doesn’t it?

Surely it is time newspaper editors examined all the old rules we have lived with for decades which are actually quite meaningless today. Over to you, editors.

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