Young and vibrant = success

Have you noticed that many papers that are hugely successful are manned by younger people?

Take the Jawa Pos group, the second biggest media organisation in Indonesia after Kompas., for example.

Helming the newspaper division is Azrul Ananda, who is under 30, having taken over operations from his father.

Azrul tells me that a majority of his journalists are very much like him or younger. Here he is holding the latest issue of Asian Newspaper Focus published by WAN-Ifra with him and his dad on the cover.


The Jawa Pos group has about 140 newspapers throughout Indonesia, plusĀ  20 TV channels. Its biggest paper is the Jawa Pos in Surabaya, with a readership of 1.45 million, which is more than Kompas the national newspaper based in Jakarta.

Jawa Pos is perhaps one of the few, if not the only, paper to have a daily youth section. This “Deteksi” section has three pages each day and is entirely run by young journalists whose average age is just 20.

Move over to Croatia, and there, too is a very successful newspaper called 24 Sata, which, again is run by a team of young people.

Boris Trupcevic, the editorial director, is just a touch above 30, and the CEO of the group is not much older.

24 Sata is an A4 newspaper started about four or five years ago. Its strength is in short and snappy stories, the longest of which is six paragraphs!

Is it not quite clear that newsrooms all over the world need to dust off the cobwebs and turn to youth?

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