Have pity on older readers

Why do editors continue to believe they must squeeze as many words as possible into their newspapers? Don’t they read what research has found out – that readers are  having trouble reading small point sizes on newsprint?

Here’s proof – yet again – that they are struggling.


Bhutanese journalist Sonam Pelden shot this picture of an elderly man reading a paper with a magnifying glass on a bus ride in Berlin last week.

She tells me she has seen quite a few people doing that.

Readers of this blog will remember seeing a photo of an elderly man in Singapore doing the same thing.

The sad fact is that many newspapers totally disregard the ability of the elderly to read point sizes smaller than 9. In fact, many want to bring that down to 8 points!

One Response to “Have pity on older readers”

  1. on the other hand, we have the young people going to the internet for news, where information can be read in any font size and who usually aren’t reading newspapers!

    I hope some newspapers would dare to increase their font sizes. We never know what might happen:)

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