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Oh sheet!

What’s in a name? Plenty if you look at these two stores in a mall in Johannesburg, South Africa.


On the left is a linen shop and two doors away is a bookstore. I’m sure the linen store owner deliberately used the name, but the bookstore? Hmmm….. I’m not so sure.

We can learn from McDonald’s, Disneyworld and Apple

Who do you go to when you think of queue management? Why, Disneyworld of course. They are masters of managing the zillions of people who line up at its amusement parks around the world, be it Los Angeles, Florida, Hong Kong, or Paris.

Queues are almost always orderly and extremely well-managed. And they move super fast too!

So who do you go to learn about design? Apple, of course. They have a Brit called Jonathan Ive who is the king of Apple’s design team. You know the rest of the story.

How about price increases?

I say McDonald’s can teach us newspaper people a thing or two about increasing prices without customers complaining.

Here’s how Maccas does it.

They spend a lot of money on TV advertising whenever they have something new on their menu. In case you have never noticed, these new burgers are always more expensive than the traditional Big Macs.

A brand new product, Angus beef burger, was launched recently here in Sydney for Australian $7.45 without the chips and Coke. A Big Mac medium sized meal is $6.45.

But people seem to love it. And lo and behold, the next time you buy a Big Mac, you can be sure the price will go up slightly.

No one will notice because they have been paying $7.45 for an Angus beef!

I’ve noticed that Maccas has been doing this by stealth for the past few years in Australia.

Perhaps newspapers can think of something like that?