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Unashamedly stolen work of art

Take a look at these two covers. Wouldn’t you agree that this is visual plagiarism of the worst sort?

The first is the February 2009 issue of Esquire magazine (US edition). And the second is the April 2009 issue of the Singapore edition of Smart Investor. The latter is published by the Lexicon Group which has other magazines in its stable.

The illustration from the Smart Investor is attributed to a “Kikoman” while the American work is by Shepard Fairey.

Take a closer look and you will notice that Kikoman has even stolen the colours, dividing the cover into two halves – red on the right and a different shade of blue on the left. The left side of Obama’s face too uses the same style, down to the right lines around the eyes.

Even the collar has the same style!

Kikoman ought to be sacked for daring to even use this image on the cover, unless of course he/the magazine had permission to adapt Fairey’s work, which I seriously doubt.