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Look out, Chiro’s coming!

This is an early heads-up for all photography fans.

Chirodeeph Chaudhuri, a photographer friend in India, is finalising his book that takes him back to his village of Amadpur in Bengal, India.

Chiro has a great eye for photos, seeing things one normally misses. And that’s the mark of a great photographer!

The book is in black and white, with many stunning pictures like the cover below.


A must-read book

I salute men such as Robert Spencer and Serge Tripkovic who have the courage to write about Islam in not-so-flattering light. I salute them because they face a possible fatwa against them.

But a book I am now reading is even more courageous. The book is “Why I am not a Muslim” by Ibn Warraq, who was born in Pakistan but left Islam after researching deeply into its whys and wherefores.

This is a full-on treatment on the important matters concerning Islam. The chapter headings should give you an idea:. Here are just some of them: The origins of Islam, The problem of sources, Muhammad and his message, The Koran, The totalitarian nature of Islam, Is Islam compatible with democracy and human rights?, Arab imperialism, Islamic colonialism, Women and Islam, Taboos: Wine, pigs and homosexuality, and Final assessment of Muhammad.


Warraq has strong words for western liberals and intellectuals who delight in self-abasement of their own culture, preferring the “noble savage” approach to the ills of western societies.

The only thing I have against the book is that the author hides behind a pseudonym, although that is quite understandable. But I guess he would not have lived long had he used his real name.

Warraq is obviously anti-Christian too. In the latter case, he quotes extensively from discredited sources, non-believers and left-wing liberals to back up his case. He misunderstands Christian doctrines and therefore puts them in a very bad light.

Still, if you want to know some of the truths about Islam, get the book!  http://www.prometheusbooks.com/